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I'm used to taking screenshots in Windows and then editing them before posting them (with MSPaint)

How can I edit a simple image quickly on OSX?

I took a picture of a P.O. and I want to remove any PII information

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There is a default application named Preview in OS-X for editing images.

If you created any screen shots, just open that screenshot image in Preview application and you can see the edit toolbar to edit the image.

enter image description here

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Depending on your needs you could use one of these free tools:

If you want something more advanced you could try

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I also have used "Seashore". Also free. I find Gimp to be very hard to use and un-Mac-like. – Cheeso Dec 4 '13 at 18:16

I found another application named Skitch for Mac system to edit the screenshot. There are many features like free hand circles (which is not available in the Preview app) are available in this application.

You can download it here

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If you have either an Android device or iOS and need a really comprehensive efficient image editor; export or save the screen shots (any image) into you iPhoto/google drive or dropbox etc and then give GOOGLE SANPSEED - (iOS Link) ` a go!. I have used Adobe CS (Photoshop) etc professionally for years to edit compile images but I find this app really useful and nifty is the best for quick on the fly adjustments for work or fun and is extremely versatile - It doesn't give an instagram/ready made one click template feel to you pictures (unless you choose that vibe) If you want to use built in apps then iPhoto should be really fine for basic editing r.e. GIMP - unless you have used packages like Adobe CS before you will have lots of homework to do but its fun free and does everything that Photoshop does in pretty much the same way or a simpler once you work your way around it!

Some examples of pictures I have edited with the app and taken on iPad or DSLR EG2EG3Sorry I don't have before and after for all or in orderAfter


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