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Many of my OS X applications have the "Enter Full Screen" action mapped to Control+Command+F. When I hit this key-combo though I get a dialog that tells me that no Facebook account is configured, and the app does not enter full screen mode.

I've gone into System Preferences and looked for anything else mapped to Control+Command+F and nothing was.

I also went into System PreferencesKeyboardKeyboard ShortcutsApplication Shortcuts and mapped Control+Command+F to "Enter Full Screen" for all applications. Nothing changes.

Does anyone know how I can disable this annoying dialog?

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Do you have a Facebook account configured under the Mail settings? So this happens in Safari and the Finder, for example? – beroe Oct 1 '13 at 19:16
Ok now control-command-f works for fullscreen in all apps for me. Maybe the keyboard shortcut I set in System Preferences took a while to take effect? – MattL Oct 2 '13 at 14:41
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I had this problem too. Turns out the PandaBar app was to blame. It had overridden the Control-Command-F keyboard shortcut for posting to Facebook what I was listening to.

Go into PandaBar Preferences -> Shortcuts and change or clear the "Post to Facebook" shortcut.

Then the full screen shortcut will work as expected in all your other apps, without having to override it with System Preferences changes.

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