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my ntfs-3g application takes up to 20% of my cpu usage. I don't know any way to reduce it so I have to kill it's proceess. Any idea about fixing this?

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I'd consider configuring spotlight not to index or monitor your NTFS partition.

  • Open 'System Preferences'
  • Spotlight
  • Click the 'Privacy' tab
  • Click the + and select your NTFS partition

If that doesn't work you might consider defragmenting the NTFS partition, disabling transparent compression, or updating to a newer version of NTFS-3G.

For more information Tuxera has a decent FAQ related to performance problems with NTFS-3G.

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WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME !!! THANKS A MILLION. – AliBZ Mar 17 '11 at 18:32

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