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I have an Individual developer account of $99 and now I want upgrade my accout to Company Account.

What is the process of upgrading?

I have some running apps on app store with my individual acount.

Which are showing my name under the app name.

I want it show my company name under my app name. Can it be possible after upgradation? Can it show my company name evrywhere i.e. in itunes connect, member center etc?

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you need to contact to apple via mail.... –  kokx Sep 23 '13 at 7:01

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The best manner to accomplish this is to contact Apple Developer Program Support directly.

You can find their phone number and initiate a support ticket from this web page:

I have found them to be expert at getting you the information you need to effect a smooth and orderly transition and help you from registering incorrectly or having any assets trapped in limbo if you make the transition incorrectly.

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Hey thank you for your response!!! I contact to apple support. but for doing so thay want me to founder or cofounder of company but i am employee of my company that's the problam –  iMove Sep 25 '13 at 5:57
Have the company appoint you as legally responsible for this activity or generally responsible to enter into contracts on behalf of the company. You can be sure the founder of Nike didn't need an iTunes Connect account for them to put apps on the store. –  bmike Sep 25 '13 at 16:51

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