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So I upgraded to iOS 7 this morning. I checked Control Center a bit later and saw an Airplay icon going to "iPhone Speaker". I have no idea why (we don't have any air play devices, let alone with that name), I don't know how it got selected, and I'm no longer seeing it. So... is that normal?

Edit: I noticed it again while playing a voicemail. It seems to directly control if the speakerphone is on or if it goes through the earpiece (not surprising really). But, can anyone explain what this has to do with airplay?

control center air play

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It just makes it easier to locate where Airplay selection is. In other words, it is obvious you select it to change to Airplay.

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Try ending all running applications, it should go away. It's most probably because u have 2 music applications on. Hope this helps cheers ;)

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