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How do remove or erase the emails that I use befor on iPad email, they are not on my contacts. As soon I start typing one email address I get a bunch of old can I erase or remove that.

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I've had this same concern and from what I understand Apple does not provide a method to accomplish this cleanup. There are many threads in Apple Support discussion board and they always end suggesting to email Apple the request for this ability.

However, if you own a PC, this gem popped up:

Can't delete Unwanted Email addresses, Auto-fill in saves them all !

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Just checking, is this still the case with iOS 5? – bneely Apr 27 '12 at 23:33

I found this on a different question.

Open In the bar up top click on Window and you'll see in the drop down menu Previous Recipients click on that and a list of emails opens up that your system uses as it's preferred email address. That means you get to type one or two letters and "it" fills in the rest of the wording for you.

You have to erase these every time you enter in a new address for someone.

Otherwise your system keeps putting in old addresses when you try to email someone even though you put in the correct email address into contacts and may even have erased the old addresses.

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