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A friend of mine got a locked iPhone 4 from the US. Now she's trying to unlock it, but there's no unlock code available for iOS 4.2.1 with baseband 3.10.01. After a lot of searching I found two twitter accounts supposedly to be the masters of unlocking - Hashim Sherif and MuscleNerd.

Can someone tell me if these two are credible guys? And are there only 2 people in the whole world who can unlock the iPhone?


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There are a number of prominent people in the Jailbreak community, MuscleNerd and Hashim Sherif are both key member of the iPhone "Dev-Team". Follow that link for updated news regarding iOS 4.3 and the 3.10.01 baseband unlock. The following twitter users are also recommended:

  • @chpwn
  • @MuscleNerd
  • @posixNinja
  • @comex
  • @pod2g

And a good explanation of what's going on:

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The best thing to do is find the relevant iClarified tutorial here:

You can also use their jailbreak / unlock wizards to find out exactly what the status is of your friend's model / iOS version / baseband.

You should strongly discourage your friend accepting any new versions of the iOS from Apple via iTunes. She should hold tight and wait for announcements from the jailbreak/unlock community about when and how to update her firmware. There's not really any need to contact anyone directly.

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