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Is there an easier way to copy and paste website content in HTML?

What I want to copy looks like this:

Product Information:

Length: S / M / L

Material: Polyester and Elasthane

Brand: Roxana Exclusive

Style: Basque

But when I paste it into my content box it looks like this:

Product Information
S / M / L
Polyester and Elasthane
Roxana Exclusive

Then I need to edit it in an HTML editor to rearrange it.

Is there an app or plugin that will turn the text of the page into HTML so it looks right when I copy it into my content box (if that makes any sense)?

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Try View->View Source. If the web site does not use too much javascript the data you want will be visible inside HTML markup.

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Iv tried that, there is to much information there to find it, if it is even there. I don't think it is the source for the particular page i think it is the whole site. Do you not no of any apps or plugins i could get? Thanks :-) – user4433 Mar 15 '11 at 16:45
No it will be the source of that page not the whole site – Mark Mar 15 '11 at 17:08

I'm not sure why you first asked this over in the Ubuntu forum... :)

Easiest standard way is to right-click / control-click on the table or whatever, select "Inspect Element", click on a higher or lower element if necessary (say, to go from a table cell to the whole table — very useful, that ability), then right-click / control-click and "Copy as HTML".

See example

There might be extensions which make this easier.

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