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iOS 7 has a new auto-update apps feature. When it's enabled, you don't have to manually go into the App Store app and download updates for your installed apps. However, I want to be able to find out what apps have been updated recently, and the App Store app just has a 'all your apps are updated' message on the Update tab.

Is there a log somewhere that lists recently-updated apps?

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The App Store should show a list of apps in the Update tab that have been updated, with details such as when it was updated, the changelog and a button to open the app.

App Store Updates Tab

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I finally got my first batch of post-iOS 7 upgrade app updates, and I see this on my iPhone now. – Keen Sep 19 '13 at 17:32

There is a blue dot next to the app name for any app that has been updated, or downloaded, and has not been started since that update/download. This allows you to keep track of what is updating. I'm sure on a jailbroken machine (when a jailbreak is available) you can list IPAs by modified date to get a list you could then use for some other purpose.

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