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My Mac Mini and MacBook Pro are giving relatively slow upload speeds (~60mbps) on my gigabit (10/100/1000) LAN. I think the problem has something to do with Mac OS, but I really can't pin point the problem and find a solution.

Here is my network:

1) Mac Mini (Late 2009 Server, gigabit NIC) OS 10.8.4 connected to gigabit switch (TP-Link TL-SG1005D, cat6 .5 meter cable). Mac network configuration: Manual, 1000baseT, full duplex, 1500 MTU.

2) MacBook Pro (Late 2010, gigabit NIC) OS 10.6.8 connected to the switch (cat6 .5 meter cable). MBP network configuration: Manual, 1000baseT, full duplex, 1500 MTU.

3) Synology DS213 (DSM4.3) connected to the switch (cat6 .5 meter cable)

4) Windows 7 in a Virtualbox on the Mac Mini (1)

Here are the speeds I'm getting (The first computer is the uploading machine from which the test was performed, using:[1] ):

Mac Mini --> DS213: ~60mbps UP ~700mbps DOWN

Mac Mini --> MBP: ~60mbps UP ~700mbps DOWN

MBP--> Mac Mini: ~60mbps UP ~700mbps DOWN

Mac Mini --> MBP: ~60mbps UP ~700mbps DOWN

Windows 7 (Virtualbox on Mac Mini)--> DS213: ~325mbps UP ~225mbps DOWN

I also hooked up a Windows 7 Laptop with a 10/100 NIC to the switch using a cat6 .5m cable.

Laptop --> DS213 ~90mbps UP ~90mbps DOWN

I also connected the Mac Mini directly to the DS213 via cat6 (bypassing the switch).

Mac Mini --> DS213 60-70mbpsUP ~700mbps DOWN.

From the results, I gather:

1) Nothing is wrong with the switch or cables, as both are capable of serving gigabit speed.

2) Nothing appears wrong with the DS213, as it easily gives 700mbps reads, and it communicates relatively quick with the Windows 7 (Virtualbox) on the Mac Mini 325mbpsUP/225mbpsDOWN.

3) Nothing seems wrong with the NICs, as they all appear capable of gigabit speed (except the Laptop with 10/100).

3) The problem appears to be with Mac OS, as both Mac Mini and MBP gave consistently similar results, and the Windows 7 Virtualbox running on the Mac Mini was able to achieve transfer rates in the gigabit range.

Does anyone have a solution to get my Macs uploading at gigabit speed on my LAN?


Edit: I just went into the DS213's OS (DSM4.3) and turned off "Mac File Service," which I guess means turning off AFP. I assume the Mac Mini and MBP would now have to use SMB to upload and download files to and from the DS213 (is this correct? Windows File Service is turned "on" on the DS213). Anyway, the network speeds changed dramatically: Mac Mini --> DS213 ~300mbpsUP ~350mbpsDOWN. My upload speed increased about 5X while my download speed was cut in half. It seems the issue is with AFP. It's my first time using Wireshark, but I noticed that in the network Captures from Mac Mini --> DS213, AFP implemented MANY "request tickles" and "FPwriteExt request(s)" during the ~60mbps uploads. Would this cause uploads to slow down? If so, is there anyway to change this?

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I'm actually facing same problem , 2 years later. I own a macbook pro (bought this year) with i7, and I get 800 mbit down but 100 mbit up on ethernet. I can't understand what's going on, but it's terrible. My older laptop can reach 800/800 on cable between the two computers, so this is really weird. Last but not least, my wireless speed has downgraded a lot. I own a 450 gigabit dual band router (rt-n66u), I can achieve 450 mbps easily. 1 week ago, I was able to use steam in home streaming without issues on macbook, now it lags for ANYTHING. I have no idea what's going on... – Fire-Dragon-DoL Jun 13 '15 at 23:35

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