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I suspect my iPhone's battery is now much worse than it used to be. How can I assess this? Is there some kind of test I can make, to compare it with Industry average?

How long can I reproduce a movie, a specific app, or something like that?

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There are apps that you can use to assess battery health, but I recommend a Mac/PC app called iBackupBot. Tether your device to your computer, navigate to the lower left window pane, select the device, and click the link for More Informations. The top portion of the resulting window will look something like this:

enter image description here

EDIT: The best iOS app I have used to provide this info is BatteryLogger Plus. However, it requires a jailbreak. Non-JB apps seem to provide optimal operating information, but not cycle count information. This may be a function of App Store limitations, which is why BatteryLogger Plus is a Cydia store app instead.

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Thanks Dave. And iBackupBot doesn't require a "jailbroken" device. –  John Assymptoth Feb 16 '14 at 15:35

Yes, many apps can check the battery status, I use Battery Doctor.

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Welcome to Ask Different! Please add a link to the app you suggest in your response and if you are in any way related to it, please disclose it. Thanks! –  Tetsujin Jun 25 at 7:15

If you have a Mac, try coconutBattery. Very simple to use! ;) enter image description here

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Hi Zé M., welcome to Ask Different. Please add a link to the app you suggest on your response and if you are in any way related to it, disclose it. Thanks! –  Jaime Santa Cruz Jun 24 at 23:23

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