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I've an application and it's language is english. I am not in US. I changed my iTunes app store to U.S for looking at the apps in the U.S Store... I trying to access my app but I'm getting this:

enter image description here

But my app is downloaded in U.S and other many countries in the world. I am a little confused. M*y App really isn't available in the U.S Store? Then how it is downloaded in U.S? How can I see which stores sell my app?*

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Why wouldn't you log into iTunes connect and just look at the provisioning for the app in question? There are many reasons why an app isn't for sale at a particular moment, but rather than have us guess, you could know. – bmike Sep 6 '13 at 18:30
@bmike I dont know where should I look in iTunes connect? I can't see anything about the appstore countries in iTC? – charty Sep 6 '13 at 19:16
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You will want to review the regional settings for that SKU by logging into iTunes Connect.

This is documented at Apple's iTunes Connect Developer Guide

Scroll down to the part where it describes the following:

Setting Territory Rights, Pricing and Availability

On this page, you:

  • Set the date when you want your app to go live on the App Store
  • Schedule price tier changes for the future (by setting a price tier effective date and a price tier end date)
  • (iOS only) Offer a discount to educational institutions buying in bulk
  • Select the territories where you would like to make your app available (do nothing to have your app available worldwide)

If you need assistance as you’re filling out the page, select the appropriate Help button (?) next to the field or refer to Table 7-2 for the property descriptions. You can modify these settings at any time, including after the app is available on the App Store.

Also, before calling for help, be sure you didn't remove it from sale by setting a future availability date for that SKU:

Important: Your app’s availability date ultimately determines if your app is live on the App Store or not. If your availability date is set to a date in the future, even if your app is Ready for Sale, it will not be live in the App Store until your availability date approaches.

I would assume there's a problem with your account in the case where you can't fix this immediately or the help doesn't work. In that instance, contact Apple directly at Developer Support for iTunes Connect

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thank you very much.. I've found this line in my Itunes connect: "Unless you select specific stores, your app will be for sale in all App Stores worldwide." I guess something wrong with my iTunes application on my desktop. – charty Sep 6 '13 at 20:34

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