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On my work place and at home I have networks using a proxy. For security reasons (it is correctly filtering most form of web based attacks), I don't want to remove it or to modify an healthy network architecture.

On Lion, it was possible to correctly install or recover MacOS X with the following receipe.

I'm actually using the wireless network to reach the Internet through my web proxy. My web proxy IP address is:

The port used to access web proxy in this case is:


Commands entered within the menu Utilities > Terminal:

networksetup -setwebproxy Wi-Fi 3128 off
networksetup -setsecurewebproxy Wi-Fi 3128 off

The off argument means no proxy authentication needed.

Unfortunately, on Mountain Lion, this setting isn't working.

If I start Safari from the Installer (with the Installer Help Utility), I notice that any web access is going through the proxy, but it is limited to Google locations services. Something as simple as:

doesn't go through the proxy.

I know easy workaround, but I would like to stay on a secure network for things as important as a fresh OS install.

I'm looking for further analysis of what may be blocking this normal network access specific to Mountain Lion installer.

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