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I'm trying to recover some deleted photos from my Mac, but the problem is that I'm not able to select what folder it should be looking in.

I am, however, able to select what sector it should be looking in and I was wondering if you guys know what sector the pictures folder is in?.

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Photos are not stored on a particular sector on your hard drive, the sectors are maintained by the operating system and the hard drive itself. I would suggest scanning the entire drive for deleted files as your best chance of finding the files you are looking for.

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Usually the Pictures folder is under /Users/<your username>/Pictures/. Some other third-party photo apps might be under /Users/<your username>/Documents/<app name>.

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I would say the sector is lower level than the folder structure. Especially when you're trying to recover deleted data. – Digitalchild Aug 30 '13 at 22:58

You can search for specific file types with Data Rescue 3 For in your case you could just search for jpegs.

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